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Provide truly energy-saving and environment-friendly outdoor LED screen

Continuing the excellent performance of outdoor products, PANAVISUAL will upgrade the products again, and the outdoor LED screen products will achieve full energy conservation. Give customers more extreme product and service experience, save more operating costs such as electricity charges for customers, and create greater business value.

At present, the outdoor full series of products are gradually switching to the outdoor energy-saving scheme of DSPWM energy-saving drive IC plus 4V power supply, and the display effect is further improved. The whole screen application saves energy by 25% - 30%.

一、Energy saving scheme of DSPWM driving IC plus 4V power supply。

PANAVISUAL outdoor energy-saving scheme, equipped with DSPWM energy-saving drive IC, adopts low voltage switching on technology to achieve energy-saving effect by reducing the power consumption of the drive IC.

Compared with the outdoor large screen with ordinary constant current drive IC, it can save energy by more than 20%.

The supporting use of 4V power supply can meet the normal operation of the large LED screen and reduce the heating loss of components under the action of redundant voltage. The key is that the brightness of the product will not be affected, so that other components can work more stably.

二、Reduce power consumption, heat dissipation, and amplify energy-saving effect。

1. Equipped with 4V high efficiency switching power supply to improve the efficiency of electric energy conversion and reduce the loss of power supply conversion;

2. Adopt PANAVISUAL standard high-quality lamps with high luminous efficiency, high stability and low attenuation, cooperate with the control system to reduce the driving current and reduce the heating of invalid energy consuming lamps;

3. Design a scientific overall circuit scheme to reduce the heat loss of redundant voltage on the circuit;

4. The built-in current regulation function can intelligently realize the 32 level brightness adjustment according to the changes of the external environment and the control software;

Through a series of measures to reduce heat emissions, reduce the number of fans, air conditioners and other equipment required for large screen heat dissipation, save 5% - 10% more energy on the basis of 20% of the screen energy saving scheme, and save 25% - 30% for outdoor full screen applications.

三、Save energy and worry

The PANAVISUAL outdoor energy-saving led large screen can save energy by 25% - 30% for the whole screen application. It also uses PANAVISUAL standard high-quality lamps with high luminous efficiency, high stability and low attenuation. The LED advertising screen can maintain good display effects such as color, brightness, contrast, gray scale and uniformity of the display screen during a long working time while running stably, so that customers can save energy and worry.

四、The display effect is improved

The PANAVISUAL outdoor led large screen energy saving scheme adopts the double latch DS-PWM protocol. Under the same conditions, compared with ordinary constant current chips, the refresh rate is increased by 2 to 4 times, reaching above 1920Hz, and the brightness is significantly improved.

PANAVISUAL outdoor LED large screen energy saving scheme, with built-in shadow elimination function, and row driver chip with shadow elimination, can completely eliminate the "row and column shadow" of LED screen.

The built-in low gray improvement and current accuracy improvement functions solve many problems such as the module's full white and red sides, low gray display color blocks, and the module's cascaded screen. The screen display is more perfect.

Reduce power and heat loss. The Panavisual outdoor LED large screen has developed a unique energy saving skill. The energy saving in the whole screen application can reach 25% - 30%. Come and experience it!

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