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What are the advantages and characteristics of COB compared with SMD products

COB HD small pitch LED display panel of Panavisual

COB is a new generation of display technology. Its LED display panel has higher protection performance (shockproof, anti-collision, moisture-proof, dust-proof, front waterproof), higher reliability (extremely low open box failure rate, ultra long trouble free service time), higher contrast, better picture quality, more flexible and fast splicing method, and wider environmental adaptability; It is widely used in various indoor displays.

The new generation of "light-emitting chips are directly packaged on board, namely COB technology, which directly integrates light-emitting chips and PCBs; high protection performance (shockproof, anti-collision, moisture-proof, dustproof, front waterproof);

High reliability: greatly reduce solder joints, improve reliability, and the bad spot rate is 1/10~1/20 of other small pitch screens; Wide viewing angle: no surrounding support materials block the viewing angle

High contrast: ultra black inkjet surface treatment, no background color of surrounding support materials affects the display effect

Ultra low bad point rate.

COB display can ensure 1/400000 bad point rate, more than 100 times higher than the industry standard

COB display screen has no bracket and pin, and is directly "printed" on PCB;

Normal temperature welding, no secondary welding, no high temperature impact and electrostatic damage;

Efficient heat dissipation.

COB display screen (COB) packaging products encapsulate chips on PCB boards, and directly dissipate heat through PCB boards and external aluminum housing boxes. The heat is easy to dissipate, and the heat dissipation is uniform. The life of the display screen is extended by relying on synchronous heat dissipation of PCB boards and boxes.

Wide perspective.

It is an original perspective technology. The upper, lower, left and right visual fields are nearly 170 degrees. There is no dead angle when viewing, and the image display covers a larger area. Arbitrariness

The corners are perfectly displayed.

The COB display screen has an original optical lens, which effectively relieves the graininess; Turn the light of ordinary SMD straight line propagation into regular divergent light through the optical lens, making the light softer and the viewing angle larger.

Nanosecond response.

The nanosecond display technology is adopted to shorten the frame change time of LED display screen to a minimum, eliminate the tailing and ghosting phenomenon of LCD and projection when processing fast dynamic images, and ensure that the audience can receive coherent and clear images

Radio and television display field has great advantages.

High grayscale, high refresh rate.

The LED screen system has a 16bit color processing bit level and a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, which can convert digital images to 281

Trillions of colors come out.

High uniformity.

Completely solve the problem of inconsistent brightness and chroma of LED luminous pixels point by point, and eliminate the mottled and mosaic phenomenon during display. The uniformity is more than 97%.

Broad gamut.

The display control system has the color gamut correction function, which can correct the wide color gamut LED display to the NTSC color gamut of the radio and television standard.

It supports 3000-9300K color temperature adjustment and has a wide color gamut, meeting the requirements of different display fields for color temperature, especially suitable for use in broadcast and television industry studios.

Low noise.

0dB ultra quiet, electromagnetic compatibility design and fanless mute design are adopted to eliminate the interference of current noise in the circuit to the office environment.

Efficient protection.

COB display screen adopts integrated packaging technology, without the problem of exposed lamp feet, and has the functions of wear resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-static, etc.

Box design.

Standard 16:9 box, front maintenance design, reliable wall installation, no maintenance channel, all components can be completely disassembled and maintained from the front, effectively saving installation space; The box is made of die-casting aluminum, effectively improving the heat dissipation efficiency; High precision structural design is adopted, and the flatness of box module is ≤ 0.05mm.

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