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Daktronics new LED display appears in the Los Angeles Lakers' home court

Dantronics is the Crypto of Los Angeles, California, USA Com Gymnasium manufactures and installs new end wall displays and ring field strip screens. The project was installed during the first phase of the stadium renovation this summer and will be used for the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Kings, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Sparks games at the beginning of this season.

Crypto. Li Zeman, president of com Gymnasium, said: "We are very happy to cooperate with Dantronics and upgrade our LED display throughout the stadium, and really improve the fans' experience of watching the game through the three-layer LED ring screen and two large end wall video displays."

In order to bring new focus to every corner of the stadium, we have installed new LED terminal screens. Each display screen can be partitioned with variable content, and any combination of real-time video, real-time playback, statistical data, graphics, animation and sponsorship information can be displayed in full images or partitions.

Crypto. The stadium is also equipped with a three-layer circular field strip display screen, making the linear length of the circular screen three times that of the previous field. Each layer of display screen is installed on the seat panel at different heights to display additional competition information and images, and provide participants with a completely immersive entertainment experience.

Jay Parker, Vice President of Daktronics Live Events, said: "Dake has been building and providing LED solutions for the world's largest event venues. The perfect presentation of the stadium update is also the cohesion of Dake's team's continuous efforts." "We are very happy to work with the venue and its project team to bring a better experience to the fans and the audience in front of the TV."

Dantronics has grown with the sports industry since its inception in 1968. Dantronics provides LED super system (integrated display system for the whole stadium) for nearly 60% of professional stadiums and gymnasiums in the United States and Canada. Dantronics has also successfully built NBA level professional LED display systems for several top courts in China.

Dantronics  is an example worthy of learning and catching up by PANAVISUAL

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