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Safety testing requirements for LED sky screen project

In recent years, with the development of social economy and the improvement of scientific and technological level, LED sky screen has become a familiar word, which shows the beauty of the integration of LED display and architecture, and gradually becomes one of the landmarks reflecting the level of economic development in a region. During the use and operation of the LED sky screen project, the safety of its structure shall be regularly tested and identified. The structural safety and durability are analyzed, including the appearance of the canopy, the relevant parameters of the concrete filled steel tube column, the relevant parameters of the pipe truss and the damage detection and analysis; According to the test data, safety assessment is given and reasonable suggestions are put forward, which can be used for reference in similar project quality inspection.

Generally, LED sky curtains are built in the downtown business center and densely populated areas, so various potential engineering quality hazards will pose a major threat to the surrounding buildings and life safety. The structure of LED sky curtains should be tested and identified. PANAVISUAL Company conducts safety appraisal analysis on the structure of an actual LED sky screen project, and the appraisal method and process can play a good reference role for similar structure inspection.

1. Basic inspection

Check the cracks at the connection between the steel column and the ground of the LED curtain project. After inspection, check whether there are settlement cracks, deformation and displacement at the connection between the steel tube concrete column and the ground of the curtain project; The superstructure works normally, and whether there is obvious inclination, displacement and cracks caused by settlement.


2. Component layout and section size inspection

Investigate the layout of the components of the LED canopy project, and use steel tape, vernier caliper, ultrasonic thickness gauge, etc. to sample 8 steel pipe concrete columns and 8 pipe truss components for the LED canopy project, and measure the section size. Through testing, the section size of the measured components meets the design requirements.

3. Measurement of bending sagittal height and verticality of concrete-filled steel tube column

The total station without prism is used to sample 8 steel column components for the LED sky curtain project, and the bending sagittal height and perpendicularity are tested respectively. The measured bending sagittal height deviation of the concrete filled steel tube column components is 1mm~5mm, and the perpendicularity deviation is 0.9mm~20.6mm, which meets the construction requirements.

4. Thickness measurement of dry paint film on pipe truss and steel column members

The TT260 type coating thickness gauge is used to sample 30 pipe truss members from the LED canopy project, and the dry film thickness of the anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the pipe truss truss members is tested. The dry film thickness of the anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the measured members should meet the requirements of the Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structures (GB50205-2001): 150 for outdoor μ m. 125 indoor μ m. The allowable deviation is - 25 μ M requirements.

5. Weld quality inspection

The digital display ultrasonic flaw detector is used to sample 48 butt welds and related line welds for the LED ceiling project, and the weld quality is tested. The measured weld quality meets the requirements of weld quality grade II.

6. Appearance quality, damage and leakage inspection

Check the appearance quality, damage and leakage of the LED ceiling project: corrosion of connectors, wrinkling, sagging, peeling and rusting of steel members, cracks and deformation.

To sum up, many factors, such as construction quality, welding process, corrosion, deformation, uneven settlement of the foundation, have caused significant security risks to the structure of the LED canopy project, which requires scientific and effective identification and analysis of the LED canopy project structure; At the same time, in order to ensure the safe and effective operation of the LED sky screen project, we must adhere to daily maintenance, supplemented by effective detection means, and timely repair the problems that occur, so as to achieve the optimal maintenance of the LED sky screen project system within its service life.

This project adopts PV-CG104 products. The unique transparent LED sky screen beautifies the city and creates a new advertising mode. PANAVISUAL's transparent LED display is transparent when it is not lit, and it is integrated with the graceful buildings, blue sky and white clouds. Tourists can not feel the existence of the display. While enjoying shopping, tasting food and strolling leisurely, you can enjoy the sunshine on the clouds during the day, and watch the magnificent and colorful sky screen when the night falls, making your shopping trip and gathering friends more romantic and dreamy!

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