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How to select LED display brightness in different scenarios?

In the field of LED display, we can divide it into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display. In order to make LED display screen perform well in different light environments, it is often necessary to adjust the brightness according to the use environment. Panavisual has professional suggestions:


1. If the outdoor LED display screen is installed facing the south or the west, and the direct sunlight is relatively strong, the required brightness of the display screen is relatively high, generally more than 6000nits; However, considering the annual attenuation of brightness and service life, it is generally necessary to achieve a brightness of more than 9000nits for new screens;

2. If it is in the north or northeast direction, the display demand brightness can be appropriately lower, about 5000nits; Considering the factors of brightness attenuation and service life, the new screen generally requires brightness of 7000nits;

3. If the brightness of the outdoor LED display screen at the shelter of tall buildings and big trees in the city is 4000nits, the brightness of the new screen is generally greater than 5000nits.

The LED outdoor advertising screen needs to be played for about 10 hours every day, and the screen equipment is used frequently, so the display brightness will have a brightness attenuation of about 5% every year. It must be required that its initial factory brightness is more than 30% higher than the environmental demand brightness to ensure that the product can guarantee a good display effect in the next 5 years. When the brightness gradually attenuates to the environmental demand brightness, the LED display equipment will gradually fail to meet the display demand in the next 2-3 years.



2、 The brightness of indoor LED display can be slightly lower than that of outdoor LED display, mainly depending on its actual use scenario.

1. If it is installed near the window for external broadcast, the brightness shall be more than 3000nits;

2. If it is installed inside the window edge, the brightness should be about 2000nits;

3. The brightness of indoor LED display screen installed in general shopping malls should be about 1000nits;

4. The brightness of LED display screen in the conference room only needs to be 300nits~600nits. The brightness is proportional to the size of the conference room. The larger the conference room is, the higher the brightness is required; The brightness of LED display screen in TV station studio is generally not higher than 100nits.


The light environment is not only related to the geographical location and orientation of the LED display, but also closely related to the changes of seasons and climate. Therefore, in practical applications, targeted display application solutions are also essential.

Panavisual's LED display has been widely used in many fields, environments and scenes around the world, and has accumulated rich experience. By optimizing the scene solution, we have provided high-quality LED display equipment and control system for many users at home and abroad.

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