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How to calculate the best and farthest viewing distance of LED display

Compared with LCD and projection and other display technologies, LED display has the advantages of bright color, stable display, long service life, wide visual range, etc., and has been applied and developed in commercial advertising, intelligent monitoring, high-end conference, command center and other fields. For users, the viewing distance (i.e. viewing distance) of led display screen is very important, which will affect the coverage of advertising and the viewing angle of users. Then, how to calculate the best and the farthest sight distance of led display screen?

In order to understand the calculation method of the sight distance of led display screen, it is necessary to understand the point spacing of led display screen. The point spacing of the led display screen refers to the center distance between each pixel point and each adjacent pixel point in the led display screen. The point spacing is usually expressed in P, which is calculated in mm. P10 means that the pixel spacing of the led display screen is 10mm. Generally speaking, the calculation formula for the best and farthest viewing distance of LED display screen in the industry is as follows:

RGB color mixing distance Distance from three colors to a single color: LED full color screen viewing distance=pixel spacing (mm) × 500~pixel spacing (mm) × one thousand

The minimum viewing distance can display the distance of smooth image: visual distance of led display=pixel spacing (mm) × one thousand

The most appropriate viewing distance The distance from which the viewer can see a highly clear picture: the best viewing distance of the led display=pixel spacing (mm) × 3000~pixel spacing (mm) × one thousand

The farthest viewing distance: the farthest viewing distance of led display=screen height (m) × 30 (times)

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