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Moisture proof and salt fog proof treatment of LED display screen

PANAVISUAL has a lot of project experience for display system in special environment. In addition, each product has passed the operation test under the harsh environment in the early stage of research and development to ensure that the product can maintain a good operating state in the actual use process.

 For the application in coastal projects, the products can be treated from the following aspects:

 1. Selection of LED lamp beads: In the humid environment of coastal areas, smaller LED lamps are prone to electrode migration, resulting in the so-called "caterpillar" phenomenon. In the project, we will try our best to choose a lamp with larger luminous tube volume to reduce the occurrence of "caterpillar phenomenon" under the condition of ensuring the distance between points.



As shown in the above figure, red, green and blue LED light-emitting chips are packaged in the enclosed structure shown in the above figure. When the volume of the light-emitting chip remains unchanged, the larger the enclosed structure, that is, the larger the volume of the light-emitting tubes, the greater the distance between the light-emitting chips, and the smaller the possibility of electrode migration. So as to reduce the occurrence of "caterpillar" phenomenon.

 2. Protection of components: For exposed components, in order to reduce the contact with water and salt in the air and extend the service life of components as much as possible, the surface of components on the back of the box can be painted with three proof paint.

 3. Protection of LED lamp bead: LED lamp bead is an important part of LED display screen. To ensure the service life of the lamp bead in the high salt and high humidity environment, nano protective coating is applied on the surface of LED lamp bead. This coating is a colorless and transparent material. It forms a nano protective layer on the surface of electronic components, completely covering the pin pin of electronic components, effectively preventing the electronic components from wading and being corroded by acid, alkali and salt. It can reduce the corrosion of LED lamp beads by the external environment and improve the service life of LED lamp beads without affecting the LED display effect.

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