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What are the factors that affect the fireproof raw materials of LED display?

With the rapid development of society, the scale of LED display industry is growing, and now display screens are everywhere. However, with the rapid development, its safety and fire prevention application technology has been put on the agenda again. In recent years, a number of display screen fires in China have sounded the alarm bell for the entire LED industry.

The fire protection performance of display screen is mainly related to the raw materials for display screen fire protection and box technology. PANAVISUAL will focus on analyzing the four factors that affect the raw materials for display screen fire protection:

First, plastic kit factors

The plastic kit is an important part of the fireproof raw materials of the display screen. Because it is mainly used as the material of the unit board module mask bottom shell, it uses PC+fiberglass materials with flame retardant function. It not only has flame retardant function, but also can avoid deformation, embrittlement and cracking under high and low temperature and long-term use. At the same time, it uses glue with good sealing property, which can effectively prevent rainwater from the external environment from seeping into the interior, so as to avoid fire caused by short circuit.

 Second, wire rod factor

The larger the unit area of the display screen is, the more power it uses, and the higher the requirements on the power on stability of the wire. In many wire products, only the wire meeting the requirements of the national standard can ensure its safety and stability. These requirements must be met when selecting: first, the wire core must be the conductive carrier of copper wire. Secondly, the sectional area tolerance of wire core is within the standard range. Finally, the insulation and flame retardancy of the rubber covering the wire core shall meet the standard.

Third, power factor 

When selecting power supply products, only those with UL certification are good choices. Because its effective conversion rate can ensure the safety and stability of the power load, it can also work normally in the hot external environment.

IV. Factors of external protective structure materials

It is particularly important to select the external protective structure materials of the display screen. Due to the low fire rating of aluminum plastic panel of general outdoor display screen products, it ages rapidly with high temperature, rain, cold and hot shock, which makes it easy for rain to penetrate into the screen in a relatively humid climate season, which is easy to cause short circuit of electronic components and cause fire. Therefore, we should choose the aluminum plastic plate with higher fire resistance rating in the market, so that the fire resistance is excellent, the fire resistance is strong, and the oxygen aging property of the core material is also strong, so as to avoid the occurrence of fire.

 Therefore, as a display screen manufacturer, it is necessary to ensure the quality of products by selecting and purchasing the internal raw materials, so as to avoid the fire phenomenon caused by poor product quality and other problems.

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