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How to choose between LED display and LCD display?

LED display and LCD display are both common video displays in the current market. LCD display is more used in television, which is often referred to as LCD TV, while LED is more used in the background of commercial advertising video display and stage performance. The left side of the following picture is the CH251 LED display screen installed by our company in a commercial flagship store in Hong Kong, and the right side is the LCD mosaic wall product. It can be seen intuitively that the display effect of the two is quite different. To judge which is better, we must first understand the difference between LED display and LCD display.

一、 Concept of LED display and LCD display;

LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. LED display screen is composed of many small LED module panels. Each LED module panel, also known as LED display panel module, is composed of many LED dot pixel matrices, and the distance between each LED dot pixel is called dot spacing. Generally, those with a point spacing of less than P4mm are used indoors, and those with a point spacing of less than P2mm are called small pitch LED displays, such as P2, P1.875, P1.667, and P1.583, which are used in places with relatively close viewing distance indoors; The pixel spacing above P4 is often used outdoors, and P4, P5, P8 and other pixel spacing are the specifications of LED display screen often used outdoors.

LCD is the abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Display, which is composed of a certain number of color or black and white pixels placed in front of the light source or reflective surface. Liquid crystal is a special substance between solid and liquid. It is an organic compound, normally liquid, but its molecular arrangement is as regular as that of solid crystal, so it is named liquid crystal. The main working principle of LCD display screen is to stimulate liquid crystal molecules to produce dots, lines and surfaces to form a picture with the back lamp.

二、The main differences between LCD and LED are as follows;

1. Contrast: LED LCD can change the light intensity very quickly, so the backlight brightness can be adjusted locally according to the brightness requirements of local images. Therefore, dark images can be darker, and the dynamic contrast can be much higher than LCD LCD. Especially for the straight down LED backlight, the improvement of dynamic contrast is more obvious.

2. Size: The use of LED LCD backlight can reduce the thickness, volume and weight of the TV, and the edge LED can be less than 1cm.

3. Energy consumption: The LED LCD backlight itself saves power compared with the LCD LCD in low and medium luminosity. In addition, the LED LCD backlight can save 20% - 50% power consumption by dynamically dimming the LED LCD according to the reticle image.

4. Color gamut: The backlight of the straight down LED LCD screen with independent three primary color LCD screen has a wider color gamut than that of the LCD screen.

5. Life: The life of LED LCD backlight is much longer than that of LCD.

6. Environmental protection: LED LCD backlight is more environmentally friendly than LCD LCD. The LED LCD backlight is light and consumes less fuel during transportation. LED LCD screen is more environmentally friendly than LCD LCD screen when it is discarded, because LCD LCD screen contains trace mercury. Longer life also reduces waste generation.

三、Which is better, LED display or LCD display?

1. In terms of clarity and brightness, the refresh rate of LED display screen is much higher than that of LCD display screen, and the clarity and brightness are better than that of LCD display screen. And the LED display screen can still be clearly displayed under the strong sunlight, and its screen display brightness will be automatically adjusted according to the outdoor environment brightness to achieve excellent video display effect.

2. Energy consumption. As far as the LED light source is concerned, LED display is an energy-saving and environment-friendly product. Semiconductor LED is an extremely energy-saving and widely used light source at the current technical level. The energy saving effect of LED display is 10 times that of LCD display, that is, under the same configuration, LCD consumes 10 times more power than LED.

3. Viewing angle: LED display can reach a relatively large viewing angle, with a viewing angle of 165 °, and the video display is still clear. However, the viewing angle of LCD is very limited. If the viewing angle is slightly larger, the video will become blurred.

4. Contrast: The contrast of high-quality LED display can reach 3000:1, while the contrast of high-quality LCD display under the same configuration conditions is only about 350:1, that is to say, LED display is nearly 10 times stronger than LCD display in image restoration.

5. The splicing of display screen, LED display screen can realize seamless splicing of large screen, and can splice various shapes of display screen according to the needs of the project, such as LED special-shaped screen, LED magic square screen, arc, circle, column and polygon, etc. When LCD are spliced together, there will be a relatively large gap between each LCD module. If the viewing distance is too far, there is still nothing to feel. However, if the viewing distance is slightly closer, the gap of the large LCD screen will appear more obvious, and the display effect will be greatly reduced. Moreover, it is difficult to splice LCD display screens into video displays of other shapes, which is also the advantage of LED display screens over LCD displays.

6. Scope of use. The LED display screen has a wide range of uses. It can be used for advertising video publicity, indoor and outdoor stage performances, on-site video presentations, video lectures for business meetings, video publicity for the stadium, background matching for major parties, and so on. However, the scope of use of LCD display is relatively simple, which is generally used to watch advertisements far away. More LCD displays are used for TV display, which is often referred to as LCD TV.

In addition to the above advantages, LED display screen has more advantages than LCD display screen in terms of service life, display color, exquisite appearance and production process. Which is better, LED display or LCD display? From the above comparison, we have got the answer. Obviously, LED display is much better than LCD display. Compared with LED display, the only advantage of LCD display is that it is cheaper and cheaper than LED display, which is the main reason why LCD display cannot be completely replaced by LED display.

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